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Long awaited - Breeding Announcement!

A turbulent summer comes to a halt - the focus is now on our female lead. Plan A-Z has been worked out for a long time, and now it's time to put our intention into action.

We have addressed it on the weekend, and now the basic conditions are also established! As an FCI approved Alaskan Malamute kennel, we kick off our breeding plan, this time in the SKK, the Svenska Kennelklubben, with the following mating:

Miska is in heat since 31.08.2023. The next days and weeks will be exciting.

In the center of attention: Our diva Miska is feeling even more "extra" right now
In the center of attention: Our diva Miska is feeling even more "extra" right now

Besides the announcement of the mating, we have also revealed a new name in this article. Because as stud dog for our B-litter we are able to go with the well-established breeding of the Swedish Kennel "Back to Work".

Girls trip to Överkalix

Miska's chosen one lives with his own pack in deepest Lapland, right in front of the Finnish border. Chicco doesn't know of his luck yet - in the next few days our two-legged girls will make their way to him together with our Miska. We will stay there for some time, so the two of them have time to get to know each other and also to get used to each other. This way we can have a positive influence on the success of the mating on the one hand, and on the other hand we have time to explore the rough, but beautiful north.

Be on the lookout for our mating update of Chicco and Miska in the next few days! More info on Chicco will of course also be available then. Whether we can already see some Aurora Borealis on our journey, we will share with you on our Instagram channel and on Facebook!

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