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Über den Hundezucht und Zugsport Kennel Alaskan Malamute of Cathi's Meadow Garden

Our Kennel

Take an extensive look at our dog breeding and mushing kennel of Cathi's Meadow Garden and find out what we stand for.

Get to know our values, which we represent in dealing with our Nordic dogs. Get familiar with our pack that accompanies us on our mission and learn about our vision with which we pursue our breeding of these sled dogs.

Our Meadow Garden

A diverse mix

We set a high standard on animal welfare of our nordic pack members with a lot of contact to their own kind.

We offer them a lot of nature with sufficient opportunities to run freely and pay attention to a consistent raising through training, sports and leisure activities.

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Einblick in den Kennel Alaskan Malamute of Cathi's Meadow Garden
Kennenlernen der Alaskan Malamutes of Cathi's Meadow Garden

Our Alaskan Malamutes

A motley mix

The Meadow Garden Malamutes come from Germany and Poland, from Ukraine and Belarus.

Each of our FCI-recognized dogs has its own personality, and it is our mission to draw attention to the human-friendly character of these primitive four-legged companions and to bring this Nordic dog breed closer to humans.

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Our Breeding

A targeted mix

Why do we breed Alaskan Malamutes? Because we are enthusiastic about the breed, because we have a lot of fun with our dogs every day. And because we are thrilled to accompany puppies on their journey to their new home.

We do not breed to develop a certain line, a certain look or a certain character. We also do not breed with health in mind alone - that is not a breeding goal for us, it is a matter of course and thus forms the foundation for our breeding.

We want to breed as natural and diverse as possible. The composition of our pack is based on the goal of diversity. Each of our Malamutes is different from the other, in appearance and in temperament. We cannot necessarily recognize an average breed standard, because our Malamutes are completely different - and we like it that way.

Our vision is to breed diverse, but purebred dogs with our international gene pool and to contribute to the preservation of a healthy breed according to the standards of the FCI.

We plan the litter - but our dogs decide how it works out. And then it will be exciting to see the outcome. Bitches and males live together in packs. They are sympathetic to each other, and sometimes not. Nature - under our supervision - takes its course.

The fact that we breed according to the rules of the DCNH and SKK means for us that our breeding is nevertheless controlled and supervised. We consider this to be good, too, and we stand behind the respective regulations.

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Zuchtziel für die Alaskan Malamutes of Cathi's Meadow Garden
Kontaktiert den Kennel Alaskan Malamute of Cathi's Meadow Garden
We look forward to your contact

It is our mission to draw attention to this wonderful breed.
Have you become curious and want to get to know us and our pack personally?

Flauschpopos der Alaskan Malamutes of Cathi's Meadow Garden
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