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Litter Update: B-Litter Aurora "Borealis"

9 Alaskan Malamute Puppies (4 males / 5 females) have been born on 16.11.2023. The first litter with an external stud dog and our Miska vom Runower Lindenhof.

With our FCI registered Alaskan Malamute Kennel we can announce a litter from the following mating for 16.11.2023:

Midnight is when the magic happens! With the clock striking 12, the night of the 16.11.2023 became spectacular. Let us introduce you to our Northern Lights and please send a warm Welcome to our B-Litter!

B-Litter Aurora "Borealis" of Cathi's Meadow Garden

4 males and 5 females are bustling now in the whelping box with Miska. She coped with it so well and we are extremely proud of her effort! With a mother as determined and a father as balanced as Chicco, we are very excited to see how her offspring will develop.

The puppies are raised together with the entire pack in our new kennel facility (according to SKK guidelines) in Swedish Lapland. We are really looking forward to giving you an insight into the development of our Northern Lights. So that the website doesn't become too confusing, there are only notable interim results to be seen here, while we will share a lot of everyday life on our social media via Facebook and Instagram!

Back to Work Pack Leader Chicco - A Level-Headed Leader
Back to Work Pack Leader Chicco - A Level-Headed Leader
Miska vom Runower Lindenhof - Our Diva
Miska vom Runower Lindenhof - Our Diva

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