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Meadow Garden Malamutes - A Portrait (6/8): Miska vom Runower Lindenhof

After a longer break in our eight-part portrait series, we now introduce you to the female around whom everything revolves at the moment: Miska vom Runower Lindenhof, an affectionate diva and Marquess of Cathi's Meadow Garden.

Our visit to Lover Chicco already lies a few weeks back, and the ultrasound also brought the hoped-for confirmation that we can look forward to Miska's litter of bouncing puppies in mid-November. We would like to use the waiting time to introduce you to the dam of the "Borealis" litter as part of our portrait series.

Miska vom Runower Lindenhof
Miska vom Runower Lindenhof

As a founding member of the Meadow Garden, she was there from day one: On 01.05.2021, the siblings Manouk and Miska moved in. Now Miska is the current center in the Meadow Garden - but if it were up to her, she would be every other day as well.

Our affectionate Diva

Miska was born on 18.02.2021 in Finkenthal, Germany. She and her brother have been inseparable ever since – and woe to anyone who gets between her and her Manouk! Depending on who or what you are, you'll either be cuddled to your knees or sent running by Team M&M.

Our diva with the charming smile knows how to wrap her two-legged friends around her paw. And if you look at how she was adored by Chicco in Överkalix, the same is probably true for her four-legged companions. But how could they not - our curvey athlete has absorbed all kinds of Italian charisma: Some of her ancestors landed in Italy after their journey across the big pond and stayed there for a while before moving to Finkenthal.

You can find Miska's pedigree incl. links in her profile at our Meadow Garden Malamutes.

Our Lead Female and Balancing Queen

This season, our lead female will probably only be allowed to watch – just now, when we could finally inaugurate our sled! Since the German Black Forest has unfortunately not been very merciful since the beginning of our sled dog mania, the previous pull dog training was limited to bike, trike and most recently the heavy training wagon. But since the Meadow Garden now also exists in the Swedish Lapland, of course some entirely new training routines are possible!

Bikejöring with Miska in Black Forest
Bikejöring with Miska in Black Forest

As soon as she's able to get going in the new year, Miska will be allowed to enjoy pacing the vast, snow-covered landscapes of Lapland in front of the sled for a little while, too. Until then, she will be content to climb every narrow tree log we can find in the Swedish forests: Our Balancing Queen loves to conquer every tree log, no matter how crooked, and once she has successfully mastered the task, she grins as broadly as a Malamute can.

Balancing Queen Miska
Balancing Queen Miska

An Angelic Devil

As broad as she can smile, as loud she can also "babble". We already mentioned it: Our Diva appreciates any kind of attention, and if she doesn't get it – or if someone else gets it instead – she will also complain with a loud and reproachful "Wow-Wow" and demand her obviously well-deserved affection – with success!

But the toothy smiles that come as rewards, coupled with powerful paw strokes and tender head-nods, express all too clearly how bonded we are to our Marquess. If love could be measured in black bruises and red scratches, the results would be obvious in Cathi's Meadow Garden. And even if it is sometimes quite painful for us delicate human creatures: May she pass this quality on to all her puppies!

Less than three weeks to go: We are eagerly awaiting Miska's first litter. Of course you can read about it here in the next post! You don't want to miss it? Scroll down and subscribe to our blog!

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