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More 'horse'power, more variety, more snow - Cathi's Meadow Garden now available in Falu Red

The summer break is coming to an end at Cathi's Meadow Garden, and it's time for an update on our website. Our Swedish kennel facility is also ready for the upcoming months as the warm season draws to a close.

Some time ago, we gave you a glimpse into our adventure in Sweden. Harald has also shared with you the progress of building the kennel facility over the past few months. And now, it's complete - the champagne is ready! Skol! Cathi's Meadow Garden is now also available in Falu Red!

Our Miska is exhausted from the challenging summer in Sweden.
Our Miska is exhausted from the challenging summer in Sweden.

While Zero and Nukka were causing mischief in the Neckar Valley (videos of their antics can be found on Instagram and Facebook) and collecting yet another winner's certificate, our siblings Manouk and Miska were actively helping with the construction of the falun facility. Meanwhile, Mommy Xandra was recuperating on the couch from her third pregnancy and our A-litter. Since August, the Meadow Garden Malamutes have been reunited, and we've managed to gracefully avoid most of the Black Forest heatwaves.

The summer of 2023 brought significant changes for us. From being mere dog owners with occasional training camps within the SSBW (Sled Dog Sports Club of Baden-Württemberg), we can now proudly say, "Yes! We have successfully bred dogs!" We've also earned a champion title, something we didn't initially have in mind but quickly realized the benefits of individual training for our human-dog relationship.

Cathi's Meadow Garden now available in Falu Red

However, the most significant and best change we made this year was our membership application to SKK, the Svenska Kennelklubben, the Swedish equivalent of VDH (German Kennel Club Association). This expansion of our existing memberships with DCNH (German Club for Nordic Dogs) and SSBW means that we can now devote more attention to the activities of our sled dogs. It also provides us with diverse opportunities to contribute to the preservation of a healthy breed and realize our breeding vision.

To mark our official acceptance into SKK, we have expanded our website to provide you with better insights into our new daily life in Sweden and to make Cathi's Meadow Garden more transparent for all.

Follow this link to the Swedish Meadow Garden!

We are excited to share even more from Cathi's Meadow Garden. We already have another update in the pipeline. Many have guessed it, and some have already been personally informed by us. Stay tuned for more details in the coming days!

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