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Let's "B" positive - Mating Update!

This week marked a significant milestone: We set out on a journey with our Miska to meet Chicco, and it seems like they hit it off pretty well! The ultrasound mid-October will reveal whether we can expect a litter from this pairing.

In our breeding announcement, we shared some insights into our trip to Miska's Swedish stud dog. As an Alaskan Malamute kennel recognized by the FCI, we're now moving forward with the breeding plans, with successfully bringing together:

Miska and Chicco clicked right from the start.
Miska and Chicco clicked right from the start.

Whether the mating was successful will be unveiled during the ultrasound mid-October. Considering how well they got along – really well – and our extended stay on-site, we're feeling optimistic! By the way, the ultrasound won't be performed in Sweden but by our trusted veterinarian in the Black Forest. So, in the coming week, we'll be heading back to our kennel in Horb am Neckar with Miska (and Manouk) and staying there until mid to late October.

Arrival of the B-Litter anticipated in Mid-November!

During our girls' trip to Överkalix, we already gave you glimpses through our Instagram channel and Facebook. Just like with the A-litter, we're eager to introduce you to the mother of our current litter in detail. In the upcoming days, in Part 6 of our portrait series, we'll share more about our Miska vom Runower Lindenhof.

Assuming all goes according to plan, we can expect our B-litter to arrive in mid-November. We kindly request interested individuals to reach out to us early (three puppies are already reserved)! This way, you can get to know us and our Malamutes (even through visits), and we can ensure our puppies find a suitable and good home.

To stay updated on all things related to the B-Litter, just scroll down and subscribe to our blog!

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