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Litter Update: Aurora "Borealis" puppies now 4 weeks old

The most beautiful four weeks have passed so far and our Northern Lights are exploring their world. All nine puppies have already found their future homes!

In Miska's litter box, nothing has been still for a long time: nine little Northern Lights are squealing and wrestling for all they're worth. This is exactly what makes our everyday life in Lapland so exciting, but just as exhausting. The first little eyes opened on the twelfth day already, and the method of locomotion on wobbly legs quickly changed from "hind-leg pushing" to "four-legged crawling".

Nine pairs of beady eyes peer a little further over the edge of the litter box on a daily basis, and their curiosity about the world "out there" is growing day by day. So it won't be long before the Aurora "Borealis" puppies will be exploring their winter wonderland on their own.

Aurora "Borealis" puppies - 4 weeks old
Aurora "Borealis" puppies - 4 weeks old

B litter Aurora "Borealis" of Cathi's Meadow Garden

All the puppies from this bustling bunch have already found their future homes. In just a few weeks, we will be taking them from our Swedish winter quarters to our kennel in the German Neckar Valley before they travel to various families in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And as we have had a lot of telephone and personal contact with all of the families, we are sure that we will be placing our Northern Lights in good hands.

Aurora "Borealis" males - 4 weeks old
Aurora "Borealis" males - 4 weeks old

We will only find out which Northern Lights will move into which home over the course of the weeks, after the individual characters have emerged a little more. So for now, let's enjoy these group photos - and for those of you who follow the Meadow Garden Malamutes on Instagram or Facebook, there are also a few swarming videos.

Aurora "Borealis" females - 4 weeks old
Aurora "Borealis" females - 4 weeks old

We are incredibly proud of our Miska. This is her first litter and it's just great to see how she acted during the birth in Cathi's Meadow Garden and how she hasn't wanted to let any of her puppies out of her sight since the first minute. Over the weeks we will expand the breeding section of our website and introduce the Aurora "Borealis" puppies in more detail!

Proud mother of our Northern Lights: Miska vom Runower Lindenhof
Proud mother of our Northern Lights: Miska vom Runower Lindenhof

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