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We will "C" - Mating Update!

This week the time had come: Zero and Nukka have reached a new level in their friendship! The ultrasound at the beginning of May will show us whether we can expect puppies from this mating.

In our breeding announcement we had already informed you that our male Zero Star Terreno was approved for breeding by the DCNH (Deutscher Club für Nordische Hunde e.V.) last month. Now, as an FCI-recognized Alaskan Malamute kennel, we are planning further breeding with the successful mating of:

Zero and Nukka have reached a new level in their friendship
Zero and Nukka have reached a new level in their friendship

The ultrasound at the beginning of May will show whether the mating was successful. As we have the advantage that they are both in the same kennel and we have been able to leave them together every day under supervision, we are in good spirits! By the way, we won't be having the ultrasound in Sweden, but at our vet's in the Black Forest. So we will be staying with Nukka and Zero (and the rest of the pack) in our kennel in Horb am Neckar until the beginning of May.

Arrival of the C-Litter anticipated in the beginning of June!

We have always shared Zero's and Nukka's mischief with you via our Instagram channel and Facebook. But just like with the other litters, we would like to introduce you to the parents of the current litter in detail here too. In the next few weeks we will tell you more about our Zero Star Terreno and our Crazy Nukka Amber Song in parts 7 and 8 of our Portraitserie.

Assuming all goes according to plan, we can expect our C-litter to arrive in the beginning of June. We kindly request interested individuals to reach out to us early (two puppies are already reserved)! This way, you can get to know us and our Malamutes (even through visits), and we can ensure our puppies find a suitable and good home.

To stay updated on all things related to the C-Litter, just scroll down and subscribe to our blog!

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