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Result: Nukka at the SPHK Club Show in Gafsele, Sweden

On 04.11.2023 we went to our first Alaskan Malamute Club Show with our female Crazy Nukka Amber Song and left a really excellent first impression.

As we all know, clothes make the ... dog! Our Crazy Nukka Amber Song had always unpacked her "most beautiful" summer dress at her previous shows in Offenburg (CACIB 2022 and CACIB 2023) and in Aarau (CACIB 2023) and judge Hedi Klumm in Switzerland even complimented her on her "bikini", so she put on her most beautiful winter coat for the Alaskan Malamute Breed Special in the Lappish town of Gafsele at the weekend. You could say that no other malamute has stumbled across the snow-covered ring as beautifully as she did!

Crazy Nukka Amber Song - BIS (Best in Show)
Crazy Nukka Amber Song - BIS (Best in Show)

We were always proud of our Dancing Nukka: How she danced her way to a VG1 (Very Good, 1st place) in the junior class at both the CACIB 2022 and the CACIB 2023 in Offenburg, and how she also managed to get VSG2 (Very Good, 2nd place) in the intermediate class as a hairless dog at the CACIB 2023 in Aarau, Switzerland (by the way: first place here went to the litter sister of our male Zero Star Terreno: Zi-Miracle Star Terreno). But this time she really scored a strike!

Crazy Nukka Amber Song - Best of Breed and Best in Show

In the finest polar dog weather, 26 Alaskan Malamutes gathered in Gafsele in the snowy outer ring of the SPHK, the Polar Dog Club of the Swedish Kennel Club (SKK). Slipping and sliding, all the dogs and their handlers tried to present themselves accordingly, and as judge Arvid Göransson wanted to be particularly sure in his assessment, he allowed some candidates to trot around the ring a few more rounds than usual.

At this point, a big thank you for the profound and well-explained evaluations, and of course for the first placement of our Nukka. Not only did she achieve an E1 (Excellent, 1st place) - besides the BOB (Best of Breed) she was even awarded with the BIS (Best in Show)!

Alaskan Malamute Rasspecial Gafsele, Sweden – Result: E1 – Open Class Best of Breed (BOB) – Best in Show (BIS) Arvid Göransson as judge

We were happy to finally attend a pure Alaskan Malamute show and to meet the breeders and owners who live in our new area. Not only that - we were also able to see Miska's "Baby Daddy" Back to Work Pack Leader Chicco again!

You will soon be able to read Chicco's name here again. In about one week it will be time - Miska's round belly shows us that we won't have to wait too much longer for the "Borealis" Litter of Cathi's Meadow Garden! So be sure to keep an eye out for our next post or check us out on Instagram and Facebook!

Joyful reunion with Back to Work Pack Leader Chicco
Joyful reunion with Back to Work Pack Leader Chicco

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