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We didn't "C" - Mating Update

The ultrasound appointment did not show us what we wanted to see: The mating between Zero and Nukka was unsuccessful. There will be no C-litter this summer.

In our last mating update, we announced that we could expect our C-litter at the beginning of June, but nature has played a trick on us. We can't say one hundred percent who or what was the cause, as both Zero and Nukka have been used for mating for the first time.

We will try again with Nukka when she is in heat next fall, but together with an external stud dog: Back to Work Pack Leader Chicco. He is the sire of our B litter, and he is a great stud dog.

Zero and Nukka are now spending their summer break in a different way
Zero and Nukka are now spending their summer break in a different way

We are very sad that it didn't work out, and we also feel sorry for the potential forever families we met with in the Black Forest over the past few weeks. Now we are on our way back to Lapland with our Meadow Garden Malamutes to continue developing our kennel and to enjoy the summer break in other ways.

Further litter planning

We will see how things progress with our Nukka - with our Miska we are not planning another litter until spring 2025 to allow her to recover from her last litter.

We will keep you up to date here in the blog on how things progress with our C-litter!

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